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Even Forever
United States
I like watching the moon. I love to take pictures. Pictures of things that are beautiful, just to let in a little light every now and then. I love dragonflies. I like to draw, though I'm not great, and I love to write. Poetry for the most part, seeing as I don't have the attention span for anything long and drawn out.

Sometimes I feel like I'm standing on the outside looking in. I've been married to Eric for 5 years, and we have two great kids. I try every day to learn from the mistakes that I made yesterday, but typically, I make them again. I don't like conflict, I don't really like being put on the spot. I love God. I try to live my life for Him, but not nearly as much as He deserves. It takes a lot for me to call you my friend, but once I do, you're in it for the long haul. And Cosnóidh mé.

Current Residence: NC, US.
Favourite genre of music: Metal, or something like it.
Favourite photographer: ME:)
MP3 player of choice: iPod Video
Skin of choice: mine. red.
Personal Quote: This is me screaming.
  • Mood: Artistic
  • Listening to: Thanks for the memories, Fall Out Boy
  • Reading: Naked in Death
  • Drinking: Diet Coke
So I figured this was the best way for all you deviants out there to get to knnow me.  I'm pretty new to all this so, yeah ya'll have fun.  And yes, I just said 'ya'll' XD.

1) Full Name: You'll have to settle with Eve, sorry.
2) Male/Female: Female.
3) Were you named after anyone?: My moms cousin
4) Does your name mean anything?: my real name?  IDK..
5) Nick Name(s): Mommy, bebe
6) What do you think you look like…name wise?: hmmmm.. I dk
7) Date Of Birth: 8-17-83
8) Place of Birth and Current Location: West Palm Beach, Fl and Sanford, NC, respectively.
9) Nationality: American.
10) Astrology Sign: Leo.
11) Chinese Astrology Sign: rat?  I can't remember.
12) Religion: Christian. Church of Christ, specifically.
13) What's your favorite smell?: Not sure… cookies are goodXD
14) Political Position?: semi conservative republican
15) What do you prefer to drink in the morning?: Coke Blak.  But they discontinued it.  So I'll settle for Sobe's new energy drink
16) Hair + Eye color: Brown hair, brown eyes.
17) Do you look like anyone famous?: I used to get told I looked like Laryssa Olenik
18) What do you look like?: a Mommy, for the most part.
19) Any unusual talents?: I can carry three kids at one time, if needed, in heels, with two bags and a sippy cup >.<
20) Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?: Righty.
21) Straight, Bi, Gay or Other?: Straight.
22) What do you do for a living?: Full-time Mom. I say 'no' for a living.
23) What do you do for fun?: Read, write poetry, pretend I can draw ( I swear I used to be able to) play with my kids, swim, etc
24) What are your favorite art materials to work with?: Mechanical pencils.
25) What kind of materials would you like to work with?: eh...
26) Have you met your grandparents?: Yes
27) Boyfriend/Girlfriend: Husband.
28) Crush: Crushes are rather idiotic, as far as I'm concerned.  ( I agree)
29) What celebrity would you date if you could?:  You know I've always said 'oh he's so hot' or whatever but I have never ever even thought of dating a celebrity.  Relationships are all about personality.  Now give me the captain, and we'll see XD
30) Current worries?: Life, Money, Children, insanity
31) Favorite online Guy/Girl(s):????
32) Favorite place to be?: In Bed.  or in the Shower.
33) Least favorite place to be?: I think Stacey knows at the moment.
34) Do you burn or tan?: Burn, then tan.
35) Ever break a bone?: Both hands.  One in a car accident, and the other punching a steering wheel like an idiot.  Note to females:  If your significant other cheats on you, do not hit the steering wheel and injure yourself.  Take a baseball bat to his truck, instead XD
36) What is your favorite cereal?: Corn pops
37) Person you cry with: I don't like to cry with anyone, but there's one person who it's ok to cry with, other than my husband.. and i dont cry with him, just in his presence, for the most part.

Do You Have...
38) Any sisters: yeah, one.  and one I'm thinking of adopting
39) Any brothers: two i claim
40) Any pets: kids count?
41) An Illness: Bipolar, PTSD (I assume), IST (ask if you really wanna know)
42) A Pager: Nuh-uh.
43) A Personal phone line: Well it's in MY house, so I guess it's personal.
44) A Cell phone: Yeah, it's sprint/nextel, it sucks.
45) A visible birthmark: No,  none
46) A Pool or hot tub: sniff sniff.. Mom gave hers away...  We so should have let Elvis marry us in vegas.
47) A Car: a GMC POS

Describe Your...
48) Personality: Contradictory… I want to be strong, in control, outgoing, but I tend to be weak, and prefer to curl up and read a book than go out anymore.  But I do have a killer sense of humor.
49) Driving: I keep the speed limit, for the most part.  Never more than 5 over.  I know the dangers, they are real, no matter who you are.
50) Your clothing style: If it's in my closet and it fits and is flattering, I will pretty much wear it.  Though I find myself leaning towards black more and more often.
51) Room: Small, big bed, jungle/african theme, tv, always messy, cause no one other than us and stacey sees it.
52) What's missing: my mini fridge (in storage) and about 100 square feet..
53) School:Oh Im so glad that's over with.
54) Bed: King.  3 pillows.  and a body pillow.  Memory foam topper.
55) Relationship with your parent(s): Pretty good, especially now that I am married and don't live with them anymore. It used to be pretty rocky.
56) Do you believe in yourself: No, not really.  I feel like I can't do anything right, I have no talent, blah blah blah.  Ask me tomorrow, it might be different.
57) Do you believe in love at first sight?: No. Love requires trust and familiarity.
58) Consider yourself a good listener: I'm getting better.....
59) Future dream that you would like to share: Right now I just dream of a good freaking nights sleep.
60) Get Along with your parents: Didn't you already ask this? Yes, I do.
61) Save your e-mail conversations: Just a few, the really important ones.
62) Pray: I try to pray every day.  Though I admit it can be an easy thing to do when you allow yourself to get caught up in the daily activities...
63) Believe in reincarnation: No, not really.
64) Brush your teeth twice a day?: It depends on the day.  I usually brush them in the shower.  So however many showers I have that day is how many times I brush them.  And yes, it's at least once.
65) Like to talk on the phone: It depends.  Not really.  I'd rather talk in person.
66) Like to eat?: I <3 eating.  I <3 food.  It's my stomach that apparently doesn't agree anymore.
67) Like to exercise?: If I could make myself do it, then yeah, I usually feel better when it's done.  But no, I don't 'like' running a mile just to run it.
68) Like to watch sports?: Volleyball <3
69) Sing in the car?: Yes, and my kids do too, it's pretty funny
70) What is a dream that you have all the time?: I don't think I wanna share those. They usually aren't pleasant.
71) Dream in color: I don't know
72) Do you have nightmares?: Yes. It gets pretty bad, actually.
73) Sleep with a stuffed animal: nope, just my hubby
74) Right next to you: ipod and glass of diet coke on left, husband on right.
75) On your favorite coffee cup?: The one I got at a lady's day a while back
76) On your mouse pad: I'm using a touchpad, so I have no mousepad.
77) Your favorite flavor of gum?: That minty orange deal
78) Your brand of deodorant? dove: original clean
79) Your dream honeymoon spot: we went to vegas, it was great.
80) Your dream husband/wife: funny, caring, warm, sensitive, able to make decisions, I need a hero
81) Hiding in your closet?: I would hide in it, but it's full of dirty laundry
82) Under your bed: duffel bags, old art, clothes that don't fit, old pics
83) The name of one of your closest/best friends?: Stacey
84) Your bad time of the day: Any time before noon, for real
85) Your worst fear(s): That's extremely personal to me, and I'm not answering it.
86) What's the weather like:cool, but not winter.... in January!
87) Your favorite time of year?: Winter. October-December.
88) Your favorite holiday?:  Christmas.
89) A material weakness?: purses?  I can't *really* tell you
90) The weirdest food or drink that you like: I don't know?  I'm pretty simple...
91) At the top of your "to-do list"?: Make 'to-do-list'
92) The hardest thing about growing up: Having no one to take care of you...
93) A pet peeve?: People who lie for the sake of lieing.  
94) Your scariest moment: Is my own business.
95) Your attitude about love?: I found it, I'm holding on to it.  It's not perfect, but nothing is.  
96) The funniest or most desperate thing you've done to get the attention of the opposite sex?: I don't do things to get their attention.  They come to me.  And that episode of my life is *so* over anyways
97) The worst feeling in the world: Contradictions in your head.
98) The best feeling in the world: Being taken care of, cared for, loved, completely.
99) Who sent this to you? Stace

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